6 quick facts to understanding a Liquid Facelift

Introducing Dr S. Rahman to Surrey

Liquid facelifts will improve facial contours, reduce facial sagging and jowling. They will dramatically improve an ageing face without the need for surgery. The results however are temporary (unlike a surgical face lift or fat transfer).


You might ask why would you want to spend on something that is temporary and the answer can be one of a number of things.


  1. Time elapse in the run up to a special event in your life
  2. Minimal laxity that would not indicate surgical intervention
  3. Dip of the toe to see what a surgical face lift could create over the longer term
  4. Patients love the immediacy of the results
  5. No down time or recovery
  6. Looks entirely natural


There is no doubt that dermal fillers, skin fillers and muscle relaxing injections are the powerhouse of anti-ageing medicine. There are now a whole array of fillers that will hydrate and rejuvenate skin, create soft and smooth contours by adding volume and reshape lost angular features that make you look youthful.


If you combine the different combination of these into one treatment you will produce a liquid face lift. An excellent exponent of this creativity is Dr Sadequr Rahman


He holds a special clinic every Monday at our Clinic in Reigate Surrey between 12 midday to 8pm to recreate and regenerate youth defying looks with his artistry. This is a bespoke treatment for each patient than can create either a subtle, outstanding and sometimes astonishing results.


A liquid facelift has a 98% total satisfaction rate because of the almost instantaneous results.


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