Autumn and Winter

Well the year is rolling on, and we are heading into Autumn and Winter and I’m not sure if it is deemed vulgar to mention the C (Christmas) word just yet but it is not that far away; and the way the year is flying ahead it will be upon us very quickly.

I know that for many, planning surgery around the Christmas period needs to be scheduled carefully and in advance. In fact, scheduling your surgery to look your best for any particular occasion needs to have a minimum of six months in planning.

Some will argue that it is better to have certain procedures during the winter months and in particular around the holiday season as it gives you a longer recovery period without eating into your annual leave when you would prefer to enjoy the warm balmy weather.

Any surgery that you undertake around the winter holiday season will be in preparation to look your best for the spring/summer holiday season next year. Winter is also the best season for covering up swelling, scarring, compression garments, legs, bums and tums.

Generally, winter is just about the best time to undergo many cosmetic procedures as layers of clothing, hats and scarves provide the perfect camouflage. We also tend to stay indoors more due to the cold weather hence inducing rest and recovery comfortably.

Autumn and winter are the perfect time to undergo liposuction, laser hair removal, skin pigmentation treatments and tummy tucks as staying out of the sun and under wraps is comparatively easy. It is an excellent time of year to disguise changes particularly body treatments, then come spring and summer you can reveal a new you.

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