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Hyperpigmentation – The Basics

Hyperpigmentation can occur in different areas of the body and can present as anything from moles to the hormonally driven condition of melasma. Knowing what they are and look like helps you to identify who you need to see in a specialist skin clinic. 

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What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

Most everyone at some time will have tried to squeeze or pick at cysts, the result of this action can irritate the cyst, make it painful and in turn may cause an infection. Sebaceous cysts are more embarrassing than harmful and it is for this reason that most patients choose to have a cosmetic procedure to remove them.

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Will jawline filler make my lower face look heavy?

Will jawline filler make my lower face look heavy? As we age and our face sags one of the biggest concerns is that lack of jaw line definition. Many patients are worried that if you add filler to this area of the face that it will make the lower face look heavier as the treatment does not produce a ‘lift’.

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Scars – how successful can treatment be?

Scars are often a great source of misery and can prove in some cases quite distressing, debilitating or psychologically harmful. Scars that cannot be hidden such as the face and hands cause the most unhappiness. Managing and treating scars often requires a commitment by the practitioner and a commitment by the patient.

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Leave those tired ageing eyes behind with Blepharoplasty

Do you look in the mirror and see tired ageing eyes?  Eyelid surgery, for both men and women, makes you look years younger and can transform your appearance. Through removing excess skin, muscle and fat, it opens up the eyes, tightens the upper or lower eyelids; leading to a fresher, more youthful look.

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Male Breast Surgery – Gynaecomastia

Our experts at the Harley Street Skin Clinic are experienced in sensitively advising men concerned about their breasts and our Surgeons are highly skilled in delivering successful, safe and discreet gyneacomastia surgery.

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