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Expert advice on skin exfoliation

When in consultation we start to cover skin exfoliation we get one of two reactions; those who think it will damage their very delicate skin and those who think been there, done that, not impressed. Whichever side of the fence that you sit on, exfoliation is a key element for a clean polished look.

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Six reasons to consider a Mini Tummy Tuck

It is interesting that over the last couple of years that tummy tucks have fallen out of fashion, there was a time when tummy tucks were always one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. So, what has changed? Enter the mini tummy tuck…

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Autumn and Winter can be the perfect time for treatments.

Generally, Autumn and Winter is just about the best time to undergo many cosmetic procedures as layers of clothing provide the perfect camouflage. Any surgery that you undertake around the winter holiday season will be in preparation to look your best for the spring/summer holiday season next year.

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Cold Sores and Aesthetics

Cold sores are very common but what is less known about them is that if you come to a clinic for either a cosmetic, aesthetic or surgical procedure with a cold sore you will be turned away for treatment.

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What is a sebaceous cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are raised, hard fluid filled sacs underneath the skin. They can vary in size from fairly small to quite large and are caused by cells growing downwards into the skin. They can be quite unsightly, sometimes uncomfortable but not normally sinister in nature.

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