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Cold Sores and Aesthetics

Cold sores are very common but what is less known about them is that if you come to a clinic for either a cosmetic, aesthetic or surgical procedure with a cold sore you will be turned away for treatment.

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What is a sebaceous cyst?

Sebaceous cysts are raised, hard fluid filled sacs underneath the skin. They can vary in size from fairly small to quite large and are caused by cells growing downwards into the skin. They can be quite unsightly, sometimes uncomfortable but not normally sinister in nature.

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Is the Brazilian Butt Lift still popular?

  Many thought that the BBL or Brazilian butt lift would wane in popularity but we are seeing an upward trend still in Surrey. There is no doubt that curves are still in and many of the local Gyms, fitness clubs and personal trainers are pursuing and...

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Top Tips for Men’s Grooming

  Men’s grooming has significantly been driven upmarket in the last 20 years. Aligning with this, is the interest and enquiries for both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Interestingly it is not vanity that is the driving motivation. It appears (just...

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