Sculpt your body shape to your dreams.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surrey

Sculpt your body shape to your dreams.

Get in shape…

As we get older, our skin and parts of our body start to sag and this includes our bottom. Some people though regardless of aging, feel that their bottom has no shape, is flat and impacts negatively on the overall line of their figure.

The Brazilian Butt Lift raises the bottom in an innovative and effective surgical procedure that enables you to sculpt your body shape to your dreams.

Lifting the bottom enables it to look pert, firm, rounded, youthful and aesthetically pleasing and this is why this procedure has become increasingly popular. Offering permanent results; Brazilian Butt Lifts are carried out at the Harley Street Skin Clinic by experienced Surgeons who specialise in achieving a natural but enhanced look with a stunning impact on the patient’s body shape.

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The procedure

In this four-hour surgical procedure, the Brazilian Butt Lift will be carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation in our state-of-the-art theatre and clinic for your ultimate comfortable experience.

Excess fat will be extracted from elsewhere on the body (such as the stomach, love handles, inner thighs, hips, arms or back) through a procedure known as autologous fat transfer, fat grafting or lipofilling, using BodyJet or BodyTite liposuction surgery. The harvested fat cells are purified and then reinserted into the buttocks.

All interventions carry a risk. The risks associated with these procedures include: pain, discomfort, bleeding, bruising, swelling, infection, scars, numbness, asymmetry, haematoma, stretch marks, fat embolism.

With the immediate recovery time averaging around 10-14 days, a further six weeks will require wearing a compression garment and some discomfort sitting for long periods (dependent upon fat placement) may be experienced.

Some shrinkage in the augmentation may occur over the first six months during which time the buttocks will be remodelling. Following that the results are permanent; all will be discussed in your thorough consultation.

The benefits of Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

  • Bigger, curvier, firmer, rounder and more shapely buttocks
  • You don’t have to go big, you can still look natural
  • Two in one procedure reduces and sculpts areas of unwanted or excess fat
  • Improve shape and figure in line with your objectives
  • Permanent and natural look
  • Uses your own tissue so safer and more natural than Butt Implants

Your safety is our priority

In line with the recent highly publicised cases of death following BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) procedure, we are refraining from performing the procedure offering fat transfer deep into the buttocks.

We take responsibility for your safety extremely seriously, and therefore we are committed to following the guidance of specialist medical bodies. In the interest of safety of patients, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons has urged its membership not to perform this specific gluteal fat grafting BBL procedure in the UK.

Cases of mortality have involved fat embolism caused from injecting fat into the deep muscular plane of the buttocks which can enter the bloodstream.

There are two main BBL techniques. The safest involves injecting fat into the subcutaneous tissue, the area closest to the surface of your skin. The second technique injects fat into the deeper muscular plane to create a more dramatic effect but carries a much greater risk.
Plastic surgeons are receiving guidance from BAAPS to only transfer fat into the subcutaneous tissue, ie, underneath the surface of the skin. This dramatically reduces the risk of complications.

Alternative procedures are available to enhance the buttocks and these are:
1. Dermal Fillers
2. Implants

We offer no-obligation specialist consultations in which you will receive thorough advice regarding buttock enhancement, which adheres to official guidance in the interests of patient safety.

Why the Harley Street Skin Clinic for Brazilian Butt Lift / BBL?

  1. Outstanding standards of excellence that are synonymous with the Harley Street name
  2. Specialist, experienced Surgeons at the top of their field
  3. Beautiful, spotless Clinic offering a comfortable and pleasant experience
  4. Run by a Clinic Manager with senior level experience in some of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed clinics in London
  5. Wide range of cosmetic solutions and treatments to skin conditions and concerns
  6. Free, no obligation Consultation
  7. Second to none personal care, with all your questions answered and any concerns addressed
  8. Track record of success in aesthetic cosmetic surgery and treatments
  9. Assurance of safety and risk minimisation in all aspects of our clinical work
  10. Access to the most ground-breaking, innovative techniques and technology in the cosmetic treatment market

Hello, I’m Davina Saunders, Clinic Manager

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, for most people, is a big step. For some, it’s a journey from feeling unhappy with a physical feature; through to eventually undergoing a procedure to improve how you feel.

All the procedures at our Reigate-based, Harley Street Skin Clinic are doctor-led and carry the quality seal that is synonymous with the Harley Street name. My background in managing Clinics and Theatres including a prestigious Hair Transplant Clinic, combined with detailed knowledge of regulations and legislation in the Private Medical Sector, ensures our practice remains at the forefront of standards within the cosmetic treatment industry.

With a staff formed of committed, experienced, specialist clinicians and non-clinicians; you’ll have the most exceptional knowledge, leading-edge technology and professional service possible at your disposal.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic puts patients firmly at the heart of everything we do. We’re driven by delivering every patient the comfort, safety and cosmetic outcome that exceeds their expectations.

Davina Saunders


Am I suitable?

If you are 20 to 60, in good health and have fat pockets on your body that can used to donate fat. Fat can be taken from stomach, flanks, back, arms, inner thigh or hips.

When will I see results?

You will see initial results straight away but full fat restitution by 6-9 months.

How long will I need to recover?

You will wear a compression garment for a short period of time however you should be able to return to work within 1-2 weeks.

How long will results last?

Fat transfer is a permanent solution yielding longevity of curvature.


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