See your motivation increase and healthy lifestyle bear benefits.

Liposuction Surrey

See your motivation increase and healthy lifestyle bear benefits.

Your vision. Your body…

Searching for “Liposuction Surrey”? We have patients from all over the UK.

For many people, achieving the body shape that they desire, despite a healthy approach to lifestyle, diet and exercise, remains just out of reach.

Sometimes fatty deposits, particularly on the stomach, thighs and buttocks, for both men and women, just won’t shift. This can result in frustration and sometimes a loss of self-esteem and motivation as the efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle go unrewarded aesthetically. If this is you, there are solutions. Fat loss/liposuction/body contouring cosmetic procedures range from established treatments through to cutting edge latest technologies that are seeing phenomenal success.

Excess fat on the stomach, thighs, double chin, neck, arms, buttocks or back can be a source of distress. Liposuction enables you to sculpt your body to the shape you visualise; so you’ll see your motivation increase and healthy lifestyle bear benefits.

In addition to our state-of-the-art theatres and treatment rooms; our specialist Surgeons are handpicked for their experience and skill in carrying out successful and safe liposuction / fat reduction procedures.

As experts; we’ll work with you on your objectives, advising you right from the initial consultation through to supporting you every step of the way through the procedure.

I am absolutely delighted with my treatment which in no small measure down to your care at Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey

The procedure

Liposuction / fat loss / body contouring procedures range from invasive/surgical to less invasive laser treatments.

Treatments involve breaking down excess fat either through a cannula, laser or fat dissolving injections and removing it through a suction or probe.

Whilst performed as day surgery, naturally you can expect some recovery time in terms of bruising and risks associated with surgery and general anaesthetic.

The benefits of liposuction / fat loss surgery / body contouring

  • Able to target stubborn deposits of fat
  • Commonly used in targeting excess fat on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks but also effective for double chins, neck, arms, legs and back
  • Enables you to restore your motivation for a healthy lifestyle
  • Sculpt the body shape that you want
  • Ground breaking new technologies in liposuction available
  • Treatment options range in invasiveness and recovery time

Liposuction fat loss surgery body contouring prices

Surgeon’s Consultation FREE
Liposuction / Bodyjet / BodyTite / Lipoplasty / Liposculpture from £2350
Collection & drop off service (see below) Included
Hotel service (see below) Included

If you have any questions please call us on 01737 247246 or use our enquiry form.

Collection & drop off service

For added convenience and comfort, we offer a door-to-door car service before and after your surgical treatment.

If you have booked a surgical procedure with the clinic and would like access to our car service, please let us know in advance so we can make the arrangements.


  • The car service serves patients having a surgical procedure only.
  • This service is subject to availability, and occasionally the car service may not be available. If this is the case a taxi will be provided for your return journey home at no extra cost.
  • Collection and drop off service is offered within 45 miles of the Reigate Clinic postcode.
  • Other geographic areas may be available subject to availability.

Hotel service

Travelling a long way for your surgery? We offer an overnight stay in a local hotel for patients outside of the car radius service.

If you have booked a surgical procedure with the clinic and would like access to our hotel service, please let us know in advance so we can make the arrangements.


  • The hotel service serves patients having surgical procedures only.
  • This service is subject to availability, and occasionally the hotel service may not be available.
    If this is the case an alternative will be provided for you at no extra cost.
  • The hotel service is offered to any surgical patient as a preference to the car service if requested.

Why the Harley Street Skin Clinic for Surgical Liposuction / fat loss / body contouring?

  1. Outstanding standards of excellence that are synonymous with the Harley Street name
  2. Specialist, experienced Surgeons at the top of their field
  3. Beautiful, spotless Clinic offering a comfortable and pleasant experience
  4. Run by a Clinic Manager with senior level experience in some of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed clinics in London
  5. Wide range of cosmetic solutions and treatments to skin conditions and concerns
  6. Free, no obligation Consultation
  7. Second to none personal care, with all your questions answered and any concerns addressed
  8. Track record of success in aesthetic cosmetic surgery and treatments
  9. Assurance of safety and risk minimisation in all aspects of our clinical work
  10. Access to the most ground-breaking, innovative techniques and technology in the cosmetic treatment market

Hello, I’m Davina Saunders, Clinic Manager

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, for most people, is a big step. For some, it’s a journey from feeling unhappy with a physical feature; through to eventually undergoing a procedure to improve how you feel.

All the procedures at our Reigate-based, Harley Street Skin Clinic are doctor-led and carry the quality seal that is synonymous with the Harley Street name. My background in managing Clinics and Theatres including a prestigious Hair Transplant Clinic, combined with detailed knowledge of regulations and legislation in the Private Medical Sector, ensures our practice remains at the forefront of standards within the cosmetic treatment industry.

With a staff formed of committed, experienced, specialist clinicians and non-clinicians; you’ll have the most exceptional knowledge, leading-edge technology and professional service possible at your disposal.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic puts patients firmly at the heart of everything we do. We’re driven by delivering every patient the comfort, safety and cosmetic outcome that exceeds their expectations.

Davina Saunders


Am I suitable?

If you are moderately overweight, have pockets of unwanted fat, have good skin elasticity and good health then there is no absolute age limit for liposuction.

When will I see results?

You will see full results at around six months.

How long will I need to recover?

You will wear a compression garment for 3-6 weeks however you may be able to return to work within a few days. If you have extensive liposuction you may need a week for recovery.

How long will results last?

Results typically last for years and will be dependent upon a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.


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