The decision making process to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery usually takes quite a long time. You may have been considering this for quite a few years and a period of 4-5 years is not untypical before taking the plunge.

Often the patients biggest fear is the scars and how to speed the healing of surgical scarring.

scars after surgery


So, what is the best advice and how do you care for your scars from surgery?


Initially your scars will be covered by a dressing and / or a compression garment. Typically, this should remain in place for 24-48 hours after which you can remove the dressing and / or a compression garment to take a shower. You should allow for clean water from the shower to run over you scars without rubbing them or applying soap to them. You should use a towel to pat dry the scars.

Applying a very thin layer of protection may help in the very early days but this should be literally a thin smear and the best product is Vaseline. This should only be used from day 3 and for no longer than 3-4 days. We do not recommend this for eye procedures or liposuction. It is always best to confirm with the clinic if you are unsure.

After two weeks it is safe to use silicone scar healing creams such as Kelocote or Dermatix and many patients find this helpful to soften, flatten and fade the scar during its healing period. It is very important to always wear SPF 50 over the scar every day for at least a year starting from when the sutures (stitches) are removed. We recommend Heliocare sun protection products.


How does a scar change over time?


Initially after the stitches are removed your scar will not really look any different than from your day of surgery. The scars will remain red and have a mild prominence over the incision line for 2-4. Once the stitches are removed, we advise massaging all scars on a daily basis to improve the healing response. The scars will gradually through 6-12 months and by 12-24 months will be barely visible to the eye as scar tissue mimics more of your natural skin tone.


The clinic is always happy to continue to advise you for as long as you feel that you need support. It is often easier to ask a question and have a validated response rather than wonder whether you are doing the right thing.

If you have any questions or would like to talk over any scarring concerns call the clinic on 01737 930400


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