Reigate is an attractive small surrey town close to the M25 and the stunning Surrey Downs countryside. It reminds me of Marylebone High Street when I worked in Harley Street many years ago before it became such a cosmopolitan and unique village of London.

When the Reigate Clinic opened its doors a few years ago it brought Harley Street London to a local Surrey market town.

Along the way we have integrated two fully equipped theatres to carry out cosmetic surgery procedures in a relaxed and private environment. Many patients do not want to travel in and out of London to have their cosmetic surgery, so Reigate with its private parking and discrete rear entrance is the perfect location for patients based in Surrey, Kent, Hants, Berkshire and the home counties. Cosmetic surgery focuses on changing your appearance with a skilled, artistic and experienced surgeon.

Aesthetics is an area of medicine that covers a whole multitude of non-invasive procedures (using needles, lasers, chemical peels etc). These treatments are still classed as medical even though they are smaller procedures which often can be carried out in less than an hour.

So why does the medical profession make a distinction between aesthetics and cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery in simple terms changes a part of you through a surgical procedure

Aesthetics deals with medical rejuvenation and anti-ageing imperfections that can be treated in a non-invasive or as a minor invasive procedure.

Cosmetic dermatology deals with skin complaints such as acne, scarring, rosacea, pigmentation, moles, skin tags, hair loss (hair growth) and cosmeceuticals (skin care products).

It is interesting that many beauty salons are now adding aesthetics in their descriptions though many of the beauticians are not licenced or have insurance for doctor led procedures. Doctors treat a patient as a whole that will include taking a medical history, family (genetic) history, lifestyle history which will form the basis of any recommended treatment pathway or advice.


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