Cystic Acne – who would not like a quick fix?

If you have cystic acne you will most likely want to know that there can be a quick fix to make you birthday, party or event ready. Cystic acne usually affects women for longer and is just not confined to the teenage era.

Cystic Acne

You can almost guarantee that a spot will occur prior to an occasion for which you would prefer to be as blemish free as possible.

In our Reigate Clinic we can help you with those debilitating spots. You most likely have tried every pill, cream and potion on the market with little effect and that’s why it might be time to try a ‘spot injection’

You will see results fast !!

Your cyst will shrink away in 4-8 hours and with it the pain, swelling and tenderness.

So, it is possible to have one even on the day of that special or big event.

What is used and how does it work?

A cortisone injection is administered by one of our Doctors. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory medication that when injected directly into the acne cyst will reduce

  1. Pain
  2. Redness
  3. Swelling

It is important to remember it does not kill bacteria therefore this is only a quick fix from those painful eruptions.

What should you know?

The cortisone is used in a very dilute solution and remains in the skin rather than within the body, so does not have any nasty side effects. It may cause a minor depression of the skin but not as bad as the scar that cystic acne will leave in its wake. The spot will reduce in pain almost immediately.

This solution is fast-working and enables you to get on with your life without the throbbing pain and quest for cover-up products to hide the blemish. The cortisone spot injection will not only address the spot but take down the redness and inflammation.

By the time your event comes around, whether it be a date, party, work function or meeting, you’ll enjoy the clear benefits of clearer skin.

Don’t let a painful and unsightly spot ruin your event. Cortisone spot injections are a fast, safe and effective solution.


What’s not to like, even the cost won’t break the bank……. at £50


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