The tear trough area under the eyes is the hollow dark circles that form under the eyes. As we age the contour between the cheek and the and the lower eyelid creates a depression or crescent shaped hollowness under the eyes. This can also manifest itself in younger patients as a genetic rather than age related concern.

Dermal fillers can be placed judiciously in the periocular region. This series of small injections are pretty much pain free. You may have swelling immediately after the fillers but this goes down in 3-4 days.

The effects are immediate and often give patients a celebratory wow when seeing themselves after the treatment.

Another treatment of choices PRP or platelet rich plasma. Your own blood contains growth factors that revitalise the area generating the skin making it tight and strong reducing dark circles as it improves collagen production.

You have most likely seen or mini-clip where we combine fillers and PRP for amazing results which is a brilliant treatment to lighten dark circles.

Check out our Video Page to take a look at a PRP treatment on a patient at our clinic.

If you have developed puffiness under the eyes or eye bags thee appear as puffy circles directly beneath the eye. They are usually firm and look like either fatty tissue or fluid just underneath the eye then the treatment may require surgery known as blepharoplasty.

If your eyes concern you why not make an appointment. Most treatments are simple and quick and make a huge difference in changing tired eyes to bright eyes.

Treatments can last years and may only need a minor interventional top up.


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