dark circles under your eyes

Under eye dark circles or periorbital melanosis is a common cosmetic condition that occurs in both young and old and has always been a challenging condition to treat. It can make you look tired and can often be accompanied by a velvety texture to the skin.

There are many factors leading to the development of dark pigmentation of the eyes and because of this there is no one fits all treatment. It is commonly associated with darker skin Fitzpatrick scale IV+.

Contributing factors are genetics, thinning of the skin, ageing and laxity, lack of sleep, hormones, illness, tear trough hollows, sun damage.

There is a whole gamut of treatments that can help from the simple skin care regimes to surgical procedures.

Eyelight treats pigmentation using careful calibration of needling device with a combination of peptides and skin lighteners to improvement for periorbital melanosis (skin pigmentation). Eyelight requires 4-6 treatments to significantly diminish dark circles.

Dermal fillers including tear trough filler will restore lost volume around the eyes. Dermal fillers contain hyaluronic acid which when injected significantly rehydrate and boost the delicate under eye skin tissue providing a cushion of support that will in turn reduce the visibility of hyperpigmentation.


blepharoplastyFat fills / fat grafting / PRP (platelet rich plasma) are a more permanent solution. Fat fills are carried out by a surgeon who will remove excess fat from unwanted areas of the body like love handles, tummy, inner thighs which is then used to replace fat loss under eyes, tear trough and cheeks. The stem cells will regenerate the skin structure whilst recreating lost volume.

Blepharoplasty is a surgical solution for lower eye bags and fatty protrusions. Blepharoplasty will remove excess fatty tissue and excessive skin from around the eyes, tightening skin and muscles to reduce puffiness, bulging and wrinkles.



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All of these treatments are innovative and safe and will provide cosmetic enhancement to a distressing cosmetic condition.



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