Skin Tags and Milia


skin tags and milia

Skin Tag are very common, harmless and usually found on areas of the body where rubbing of the skin occurs such as armpits, neck, groin, buttocks. Sometimes they occur around the eyelids. They develop over time and usually age related.


They look like hanging flesh coloured and can start off looking a bit like a wart. They are usually small varying from a few millimetres to a few centimetres in length.


Many patients chose to have them removed as they can cause skin irritation or just be unsightly. Your GP will most likely not undertake such procedures anymore as they are deemed cosmetic in nature. You will therefore need to find yourself a local clinic who can undertake removal for you.


There are various ways of removing skin tags. They can be burnt off or surgically removed. If your skin tag is of the larger variety then surgical removal may be your best option. Surgical radio frequency or Plexr treatments provide excellent cosmetic results with minimal scarring, fast healing and immediate results.



Milia are exceptionally common are harmless tiny white spots or bumps usually found on the face around the eyes and nose. They are small cysts that are easily removed by an aesthetic clinician., although they also respond to Retinol and Chemical peels.  Most patients chose to have them removed, results are immediate with no downtime.


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