Most people who have an earlobe crease or earlobe deformity will have googled its cause and then booked themselves straight in to see their GP or cardiologist. It can make for an alarming discovery. But significantly once checked out there can also be a simple explanation such as sleeping on your side. Almost everyone who consistently sleeps on their side will have a minor ear lobe deformity or crease over time.


The problem with Dr Google is that it can make you a bit of a cyberchondriac and does not always give you some of the simplest of explanations.


We recently treated the lady in the above photograph, who had just one ear that was affected and although it seems like a minor issue, it was something that bothered her and she is delighted with the results.


Correcting a torn earlobe is quite a simple procedure that once again allows you to wear those beautiful earrings that have been sitting in your jewellery box for way too long. There may be one or both ears affected from a moderate degree to a complete tear through to the base of the earlobe.


Are my earlobes aging too?


Aging and earlobes are also a dead giveaway, often the ears age at a faster rate than the rest of the face through lost collagen. This will leave your earlobes thin, dangly and often creased. It may surprise you to learn that there is an easy and quick fix to giving you plump and shapely ears once again.


If you have elongated earlobes it is also possible to reduce them in size somewhat so that you have a petite and youthful shape to your lobes.


There are as many non-surgical ways to rejuvenate your ears as there are surgical, so you do not always need to think ‘repair’ as much as rejuvenate. Dermal fillers can last up to twelve months and PRP could be a permanent solution. The lady in the photograph had a combination of both and the photograph is taken immediately after treatment.


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