Why we discuss fat transfer and dermal fillers in the same consultation?


There are a variety of dermal fillers on the market that can treat and hydrate skin, reduce deep lines, plump where there is volume loss, create contours and improve scarring. Why would we then discuss fat transfer when dermal fillers are so obviously diverse?


The answer lies in the versatility of fat.

Fat is a naturally occurring source of stem cells that will rejuvenate skin at cellular level to contour and replace the natural fat pads that wither with age. You can use fat anywhere that you would use dermal fillers and to some extent where you would also use toxin injections.

Dermal fillers are great for a walk in and walk out procedure where the effects are seen pretty much immediately. Add to this that they are not permanent so dipping your toe into aesthetics for the first time and looking to undertake anti-aging procedures is a great way to experience the outcome. As a bonus, if you don’t like the experience you’re not stuck with the outcome as they gradually dissolve over a period of 6-12 months.


Fat however is more permanent and results can take a little while, typically up to six months to see final results. There is a little more recovery than with dermal fillers but on the plus side you can extract quite a bit of fat to rejuvenate the whole face and results are longer lasting.

Who carries out both procedures?

Fillers are carried out by our in house Doctors

Fat transfer is carried out by our in house Surgeon

How do costs compare?

If you are having a liquid facelift (with dermal fillers) depending upon the amount of syringes of filler used, cost will be £1150 – £1400

If you are having fat transfer (stem cell) face lift, cost will be £1800 – £2200

Results from both will be immediate to see, however the fat will take longer to settle in place and rejuvenate.

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How long will results last?

A liquid face lift (dermal filler) will last approximately 12 months

A stem cell face lift will last upwards of three years.

As aging continues both procedures can be repeated to maintain results

How do you know which procedure to choose?

It’s easy, book a consultation to see one of experts who will help you to decide upon the best treatment for you.


Consultations are free at The Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey, so why not use them like a fact-finding mission, ask the questions, raise your concerns then you can make an informed choice. Call the team on 01737247246 or email to book


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