Many of us have spider veins on our legs and for most it prevents us from enjoying the summers in skirts, shorts and swim wear.

Sclerotherapy requires an expert eye and a steady hand and before treatment can commence you get a free consultation with Dr Rahman who will assess the best way to proceed.

It is amazing that almost a third of us will have spider veins that are often an inherited trait but can also be caused by age, pregnancy and overweight.


Interestingly sclerotherapy is usually a good option for most patients with red, blue telangiectasias..

Sclerotherapy is a simple and almost painless treatment that is relatively quick depending upon the number of veins that require treatment. We are only treating very superficial veins so anyone with medical problems such heart disease, high blood pressure or circulation problems are not automatically ruled out for treatment. Dr Rahman will closely take a medical history and advise before commencement of treatment.

Most patients have waited a long time before deciding upon the course for treatment and come into the clinic after they cannot bear to see their legs on display. This is often why the first courses of sclerotherapy can be challenging and take a while to produce results. If the spider veins have been developing over years, it stands to reason that they will not disappear overnight after just 1-2 treatments.

Most everyone needs at least 2-3 sessions and some individuals need 5-6 sessions for the blue and red veins to disappear and if you have a predisposition to spider veins, you may need to continue treatments on an irregular basis to keep your legs tip top and looking beautiful.

So why not stop hiding your legs and prepare to reveal your beautiful legs once again.


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