There is a skill to making eyes look more youthful no matter your age and in simplistic terms you must look at the eyes as a whole and not just one part of them. Often when we see patients they are concerned and focused on one aspect of their eye area.

However, when you have studied the aging process and looked at the natural loss of volume of the upper face, there are a couple of things in combination that age the eyes dramatically. As we age the loss of natural fat pads change the weight distribution of the face. Everything naturally descends over time and in so doing leaves the upper face quadrants with a notable narrowing and pinching around the eyes.

The eyes become heavier so the brow starts to droop and creates heavy lids. Fat pad loss in the temples and above the brow create a hollowing effect. Subtlety is required together with a combined approach to recreate youthful eyes.


eyes look younger


If treated in combination with the lower eye area then the whole face is rejuvenated. Volume loss in the lower eyes can be minimal or extended (see figure below). Subtly placed volume into the hollows refreshes the whole of the lower eye.

eyes look younger

The eyes and surrounding areas are very delicate and remain one of the most important features of the face. Bringing youth and vitality with combination treatments can bring remarkable results.

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When looking to rejuvenate the eyes you need to look for the expertise to treat under eyes, brows and temples which will provide you with the best and most natural looking results.


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