non-surgical butt lift


While not a new procedure, the non-surgical butt lift has had mixed reviews in the past. However, there is now good news for those looking for a non-surgical option with stunning results, thanks to new cross linked fillers entering the market, specifically developed for non-surgical butt lifts.

The first thing you’ll want to know is ‘will it deliver similar results to the surgical butt lift?’

It’s right to weigh up the pros and cons of both procedures and I can see many ‘dipping their toe’ with the non-surgical option before undergoing a surgical or permanent BBL.

So why go down the non-surgical butt lift route? Here are ten reasons to consider;

  1. The procedure itself will take about one hour
  2. The results will be subtle rather than dramatic
  3. It is suitable for very slim individuals with relatively no fat to harvest from other parts of the body
  4. Results will last up to two years
  5. Cost effective if you have a limited budget
  6. Much faster recovery – three to four days rather than weeks
  7. No compression garment required
  8. Not risk free but fewer possible complications than its surgical alternative
  9. Return to work and everyday life within a couple of days
  10. Return to exercise within a couple of days


If you want your butt big and bold, then the surgical butt lift does remain the clear winner. But I would bet my bottom dollar there are patients who would prefer subtle enhancement with a quick fix that gives instantaneous results – and the non-surgical butt lift option will be ideal for them.

Why not arrange a free consultation with Dr Rahman who will be able to answer all your questions?

Does a non-surgical butt lift work? Yes

Does a surgical butt lift work? Yes – with the added attraction of redistributing unwanted body fat.


The great news is, you have a choice. What would be yours? if you would like to know more about either procedure why not call 01737 247246 or email the clinic. Both procedures are carried out here in Reigate.


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