Did you know that we could treat your nail fungus in our Reigate Clinic in Surrey?


Laser nail fungus treatment is highly effective on both the feet and hands. Laser Nd Yag has been clinically proven to destroy the fungus in 80% of cases

Upt to 20% of the population is thought to either have or have had a contagious nail fungal infection. If you have had one yourself you will know how notoriously difficult they can be to treat and how easily they are spread from toe to toe and foot to foot. You think you have it covered and then it shows up somewhere else.


Onychomycosis is caused by fungal organisms such as: dermatophytes, Candida (yeast) and non-dermatophyte moulds

A fungal infection usually manifests as thickening of the nail, yellowing, purpling, roughness and crumbling. If left untreated you will lose the nail entirely and if the fungus is at the base of the toe it can take 12-18 months for it to grow out after treatment. If the fungus is nearer to the tip or end of the nail then it could grow out in as little as six months.


Medicated nail solutions have traditionally been the chosen treatment method however they have a very low success rate. Laser therapy on the other hand has a very high rate of clear nail growth with no side effects. Usually 2-4 treatments are required. Follow-up in two or three months to assess new nail growth.


Prices start from £195


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The sooner you catch the infection the quicker you return to beautiful feet ready for the Summer!

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