Male breasts affect a large proportion of men and is thought to be at least half of the male population.

Most men assume that they can reduce male breast size with weight loss and weightlifting. It is unfortunate that if you have gynaecomastia that the underlying breast tissue cannot be shrunk by either of these factors.

Men often present with breast tissue from an early age frequently developing in their teenage years. This affects men at a time in their life that they often feel vulnerable and lacking in confidence.Whatever the reason behind it, you do not need to live with it. Ground-breaking technology and innovative surgical techniques now enable men to sculpt their bodies in line with the physique that will restore their confidence.

Our experts at the Harley Street Skin Clinic are experienced in sensitively advising men concerned about their breasts and our Surgeons are highly skilled in delivering successful, safe and discreet gyneacomastia surgery.


Male breast reduction has a very high satisfaction rate with 95% of men saying that it has changed their life for the better giving them a growing confidence in themselves.

Man boobs are more common than you think and there is a growing interest to have male breast surgery because it gives dramatic, fast and permanent results.

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