Man treatments

There are so many cosmetic options out there that require no downtime at all and most men simply want a quick fix. There have been three stand out treatments for men in the clinic this year.

1. Nose filler
2. Jaw line filler
3. PRP for hair




All of these treatments have one thing in common very specific to how men view aesthetic treatments in that they are:

1. Non invasive
2. Relatively quick
3. Relatively pain free

Just like the lady’s men have started to look at keeping themselves looking well into their later years and a strong trend in 2018 has been towards simple, quick fixes that align themselves to this mantra.

Aesthetics are no longer the enclave for women and men have certainly been looking into both surgical and non-surgical options to improve their persona.

Just like their female counterparts, men are motivated by treatments to make them look fresher, less stressed and less tired.

Hair PRP

Keeping your hair into oozes youthfulness for men and whilst men have always undertaken hair transplants, they are now very interested in keeping and maintaining their own hair for as long as possible and in some instances negating the need for hair transplant surgery.

Dr Rahman is our in-house hair specialist and he has certainly had a busy year carry out concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) hair treatments. This treatment stimulates the dormant hair follicles to grow thereby enhancing the density of your own natural hair.

Man treatments

Jawline Filler

A strong jawline is attractive and youthful, it gives that chiselled, groomed and athletic look to the facial features. As men age the jawline is one of the first areas that the aging process starts to show itself. Developing jowls and sagging facial features can be instantly reversed with carefully placed dermal fillers.

Man treatments

Nose Filler

Men are more subject to nose imperfections through sport than from birth. This is where nose filler comes into its own. Waiting a full year for surgical rhinoplasty to heal and achieve final results is off-putting. Dermal fillers will change the shape but not the size of the nose so those dips, humps, curvatures can be ironed out quickly and. This treatment has almost revolutionised nose procedures as you can receive the same dramatic results instantaneously.


Man treatments


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