The SkinPen® has been the biggest hit in the clinic this year.

There is always a lot of hype surrounding new treatments, new machinery and new skin care however it is true that most ‘hot’ products in dermatology and skin science do not always live up to their potential.

Now we all know that skin needling is not new and dermarollers have been around for years, so why is the skin pen such a big hit?

As much as professionals love machines it is patients that are driving the trend for smooth, radiant skin. Both Chemical Peels and Skin Pen are back on the menu as the number one treatments of choice.

Forget the machines the basic treatments are back in vogue. Patients like the idea of ‘naturally’ speeding up collagen production.

Microneedling and the SkinPen®


Microneedling and the SkinPen®

SkinPen® is single use, it is sterile and makes for a faster and more effective treatment than previous versions of derma pens. It is unique in that it is the only sterile FDA approved dermapen. The function of the pen is enhanced, clean and provides accurate penetration of the skin giving better results than alternatives.

If you want natural brighter skin with better hydration and rejuvenation then look no further. This procedure will boost and enhance penetration of products and cosmeceuticals leaving you glowing.

SkinPen®  without a shadow of a doubt will make your skin act and feel more like it did in your youth. It will be denser, have fewer lines, even pigmentation, reduce scarring and improve texture and tone.

Microneedling and the SkinPen®

If you really want youthful skin, this is the go-to treatment in clinic.


Skin Pen Collagen Induction Review on Facebook: 
I went in and had this done on Tuesday and I am utterly amazed by the results! After the initial redness has gone away my skin is now looking amazing and will only get better – it looks so fresh and rejuvenated with a healthy glow – my fine lines have been minimised and I can’t wait for the next session!


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