Normally the first cosmetic surgery undertaken by many is for the eyes. Upper eyelid surgery also known as blepharoplasty really opens the eyes and makes you look completely refreshed.


We are however seeing a newer phenomenon of 40 somethings having mini face lifts, earlier rather than later. This is a scaled down version of a full face lift will turn back the clock subtly. It is a natural progression from have non-surgical procedures in your 20’s and 30’s.


‘Celebrities rumoured to have had mini face lifts in their 30-40’s are Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Cameron Diaz, though they deny this.’


We have all seen ladies who look over-filled and over-fixed with not a lot of moving facial features. Being too plump with no moving features is a very unnatural look so many in the public eye are choosing to have mini surgical lifts which re-align facial muscles and restores them to their normal position giving a youthful and natural outcome.


Recovery from a mini face lift is quite quick and scars are concealed in the natural contours of the hairline and face that once healed will be difficult for others to see.

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A patient recently underwent a mini face lift at 43. She is a bit of an exercise junky and although her body is in great shape her face looked aged because of this. She is delighted because she now has a face and body that reflects how she feels; healthy, fit and vital.

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