Under eye bags can make you look tired, old, stressed and under the weather. It is the one area of the face that significantly ages and aesthetically alters your features and it we have seen more patients than ever looking to have a non surgical or surgical treatment to improve the lower eye area to reduce eye bags and puffiness.

reduce eye bags and puffiness


There are lots of treatments that can help, and nearly all patients will have tried creams and non medical tightening devices before taking the plunge to find out other treatment options that offer significant improvement and longevity of results.

In the clinic under eye concerns have increased three fold in the last 18 months. With age the supporting structures around the eye weaken causing thinning skin, fat pad bulging, gravitational bulging and excess fluid pockets that create that puffy tired look to the eyes.

There are now lots of treatment options that offer significant results without surgical intervention.

Our newest technology entrant is AccuTite™

AccuTite™ technology has a small probe that will target loose skin and significantly improve malar bags, fluid retention and bulging fat pads.

This is a great alternative to eyebag surgery and can dramatically improve the eyes and give a result that last for years.

What’s really exciting is that the probe that is used during the procedure can be used at the same time to lift the eyebrows, lift upper eyelids, create a brow lift and reduce lines around the eyes. It is an all round treatment for the upper face.

There is further technology by the same maker of the machine known as Morpheus8. This is a fractional treatment that will further enhance results by helping to improve skin texture by stimulating collagen revival to improve elasticity.

reduce eye bags and puffiness


To find out more about both of these procedure why not visit the INMODE website. This has a patient portal that shows you lots of before and after photographs of the treatment.

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