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Thread Veins and Rosacea 


Thread Veins

sclerotherapy surreyThe appearance of broken veins and capillaries can be unappealing on the legs and even more distressing on the face. Extreme facial redness can be a source of embarrassment and anxiety, which in turn can make it worse. Patients will often spend a lot of money on ineffective products or cosmetics, out of a desperation to reduce the visible impact of the redness from broken capillaries and veins.

Some skin types are more prone than others to this condition, such as those with very fair complexions. However, environmental factors can also play a role, including lifestyle and sun damage.

Latest non-surgical treatments include the use of lasers Read More…



rosacea treatment surreyRed nose. Red patches. Sensitivity and discomfort. Spots and acne. Blotchy and itchy skin. Blushing and extreme skin reaction to irritants.

These are all symptoms of rosacea – a common but often misunderstood and underdiagnosed skin condition. Many people live for many years with symptoms of rosacea without knowing what it is, spending huge sums of money on cosmetic products that do not work or even exacerbate the condition.

Rosacea manifests itself as areas of facial redness, which may be permanent or flair up due to triggers, or a combination of both.

There’s no one cause of rosacea; it can be genetic, it can be hormonal, allergy related or triggered by anything from alcohol to anxiety.

Suffering with rosacea can range from mildly irritating to uncomfortable and debilitating. It can flair and subside with little notice. It also has no cure.

But at the Harley Street Skin Clinic our specialists are expert in the options available which can manage, reduce and lessen the visibility of your systems of rosacea. Read More…


Karen Nosworthy is our Senior Medical Aesthetician, she is a laser specialist and qualified dermoscopy professional. Karen has over 20 years clinical experience in medical aesthetics and dermatology. She gained her extensive experience working in prestigious clinics in Harley Street, London.



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