Does having a fear of needles stop you having cosmetic injections?


A fear of needles cab be a debilitating phobia and can be a disillusioning when wanting to undergo skin improvement or cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. The technical wording for a fear of needles is trypanophobia. It makes visiting a Doctor, Surgeon or Dentist or any number of medical professionals.


The medical profession has made huge strides in helping patients to overcome fears including trypanophobia which can pose an obstacle to some treatments.

cosmetic injections

Here are our top tips to help you if you find yourself contemplating treatments:


1.Talk about your concerns and fears openly. Doctors and nurses and very understanding and will usually have encountered patients with your phobia. They will build a bond with you to make your visits less stressful and will help you to familiarise you with your surroundings

2. Try to learn as much as possible about the treatment options and the treatment discussed. Knowledge together with experience disarms many phobias. Learning as much as possible about your treatment will build confidence through knowledge.

3.Practice your breathing. Your Doctor or nurse will make sure you’re in a comfortable room that is not too hot or claustrophobic and will prompt you to slow your breathing rhythm

4.Bring a friend or family member for moral support as they will instinctively know how to distract you to ease your anxiety

5.Talk and ask questions during your procedure, it is amazing how talking about your children, pets, family or holidays take your mind off things. You will find that most Doctors and nurses have a great sense of humour and are quite the conversationalists themselves


Remember above all your safety and comfort matters to us and not all our treatments involve a needle!!


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