Platelet-rich plasma is the best way to produce bio stimulation of the skin.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has come a long way since its introduction into aesthetics. The platelets trigger a powerful healing reaction when introduced into the skin which reinvigorates and reverses sign of skin ageing.

platelet-rich plasma

PRP actively stimulates collagen and will give you brighter, smoother and more elasticity to the skin.

The new powerful combo treatments that combine PRP with either fat (stem cells) or dermal fillers give to give you longevity than either stand-alone treatment.

Tear trough treatment is particularly responsive to the combined approach lasting in some instances more than two years.

If you look at Karen having this duo treatment she had this treatment nearly two years ago and she has not required a top up treatment as yet.


PRP and Dermal Fillers


There is clearly documented evidence that PRP elongates the outcome of dermal filler treatment. By combining the two treatments you get double bio stimulation of a longer duration.

There are lots of dermal skin (mesotherapy) fillers like Profhilo, Juvederm, Xela Rederm that have been used widely but may leave patients with disappointing results. It is worth noting most of the hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers in this category require several consistent treatments to produce the desired effect. This is usually not stressed enough during the consultation process and it is because the treatment protocol is not sufficiently highlighted that there is this this underlying dissatisfaction. The treatment works but needs to be maintained regularly.

HA and PRP have a temporary effect on skin stimulation, also known as redermalisation or mesotherapy. Many patients in our clinic prefer PRP to the HA skin redermalisation fillers.


PRP is your body’s own bit of magic being used to naturally give you sparkling and more youthful skin.


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