Scars are often a great source of misery and can prove in some cases quite distressing, debilitating or psychologically harmful. Scars that cannot be hidden such as the face and hands cause the most unhappiness.

Managing and treating scars often requires a commitment by the practitioner and a commitment by the patient. There are many scar treatments, and, what works for one patient may not work for the next. It is important at consultation to stress that the journey may not be straightforward and that combination treatments may produce the best results.

All scars are unique because we all heal differently and at different rates. Scars from a traumatic event are the least predictive as there may a lot of damage to surrounding tissue. It is due to this factor that there is no one fits all treatment.

Depending upon how your scar presents will be key to a responsive treatment plan and results. Most scars can be improved dramatically but some can only produce minimal improvements. It is essential that the pros and cons are explained during consultation so that when you decide on a course of action, you have a pretty good idea of the outcome.

What treatments do we use?

  1. Laser, dermabrasion and chemical peels work by removing the top layers of skin to flatten raised scars, reduce thickness and reduce pigmentation and normally requires several treatments
  2. Steroid injections for keloid scars will reduce raised and thickened scars
  3. Skin needling helps to produce collagen and raise depressed scars and can require several treatments
  4. PRP – platelet rich plasma will improve healing and collagen production
  5. Fat transfer or dermal fillers will help to lift depressed scars
  6. Some scars are tethered to the underlying tissue and subcision can release the underlying fibres or strands
  7. Surgical radio frequency or plasma pen
  8. Excision – this requires to refashion the scar by removing it to produce a smaller more refined scar in its place
  9. Medical tattooing will help to restore normal colouration of scars
  10. Medical camouflage makeup will cover scars without any treatment regime and no downtime. Its simple and cost effective


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