Make a lasting impact with stunning, natural semi-permanent make-up.

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Make a lasting impact with stunning, natural semi-permanent make-up.

Make a Statement…

If you’re looking to enhance your features, be on-trend with fashions or make a statement, semi-permanent make up can deliver stunning results that last.

Whether you’re looking for uber-trendy statement brows, sensual, smokey eyes or fuller, beautiful lips; at the Harley Street Skin Clinic, you can achieve your dream look naturally and safely.

Our semi-permanent make-up artist Rae Denman is a medically qualified body art specialist and operates out of our state-of-the-art, lovely facilities, conveniently located in the centre of Reigate.

With Rae’s experience and talent, your new sensational look will be in the safest of hands.


Brows are big at the moment. Not just big in the media but big on the face. Just remember this a fashion, and the nature of fashion is that is changes. It is ever evolving. Please remember this when you get your brows permanently tattooed on your face. Yes, pigment is semi-permanent, but for some people the pigment will last for years. Removal is a lot harder than adding on more colour. With us, your brows will be natural and enhancing. Remember, if you want to add a bit of width and depth for an evening out, it’s fine. But at least you can take it off at night. When the fashion changes in 2019 – as it will – you will be able to change with it. Get the shape, get the definition, get the hair strokes and the shading, but make sure the style can be as changeable as fashion.


Ombre brows are offering ladies a new way to have semi-permanent makeup. For ladies wanting softer but defined brows, this effect gives a gentle, realistic result. It’s real, but glamorous at the same time. The starting point of the brow – the bulb – is a faded colour, as is the top, whereas the lower line is sharper in definition creating a neat brow. For people wanting a fuller brow, this allows them to wear their brows big, but without overpowering their face. This can be achieved in dark, medium, auburn or light brown. A beautiful effect for all women.

SR Brows

A new technique using a combination of needles and pigments is unrivalled in creating the most amazing brow. In fact, SR Brow is the newest innovation to sweep the Permanent Makeup World. After years of fine-tuning different styles, this combination brow is the choice for celebrities, models and the elite. Super realistic with hair strokes and definition, this brow can give you the desired effect of enhancing your eyes whilst framing your face, without the outdated ‘full-on’ heavy brow. Get rid of that last season’s heavy brow, and get a realistic brow back. The colour lasts longer, fades better and will suit every face shape, colouring and style.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Wider, larger, brighter eyes will reflect the light and draw peoples’ focus to the beauty of the eyes. Adding definition and shape whether as a purely natural look or by creating a stronger liner look, or a soft smokey eye, will mean that you look just as good when you wake up in the morning, as you do all day. Go swimming, rub your tired eyes, play sports and dance in the rain, your eyeliner will never run.

Eye definition

Eye definition can be really natural. It gives the illusion that your lashes are full, like when you were a child. This can be achieved by tiny dots along the lash line or a fuller line in amongst the lashes creating a visual illusion of thicker lashes.


This is similar to eye definition but more pigment and definition is added above the lashline. Rather than having to draw a liquid eyeliner on every day, or having smudged eyeliner, this solution lasts you all year without any hassle.


A soft smokey eye for the sultry look can be added to define and re shape your eyes. You will go to bed looking as hot as you did during the day. No more smudging, no more time spent drawing it on, no more worrying about it coming off. When it comes to cosmetics, semi-permanent smokey eyeliner truly rocks.
Do not book an eye treatment within 48 hours of an important event. You may experience swelling. This will recede over 24-48 hours.


Do you want more definition, fuller, more luscious lips. Do you wish they were brighter in colour? Could you do with more symmetry and a fuller top lip? Lips as with all the other features will lose definition and colour with age. Semi-permanent makeup can solve all these problems in just a few hours, and will last you years.

Lip line and blush

This will enhance your natural shape making the lips look fuller and more defined. Asymmetry can be evened out so that both sides are your best! You can choose between your natural lip colour so it blends in, or a stronger, brighter colour for that added pout.

Full lip fill

This treatment will give added definition, symmetry and fullness with an extra push of colour all over the lips. Have this treatment if you want brighter, sharper or stronger looking lips.

Asian lip fill

Do you find your lips are darker than you would like? Have they lost their lustre? A special blend of pigments implanted over a series of treatments will bring out the red or the pink tone that you desire.

Cleft lip

Do you feel your cleft lip repair has left you with a visible difference that you would like to improve? Following corrective surgery, you may find yourself without a cupids bow and top lip definition, as well as asymmetry to your mouth. This can be visually improved with the benefits of Medical Tattooing by introducing pigment into the vermillion border of your lips and creating a cupids bow. By subtly reshaping the borders we can add symmetry and definition.

Initially it may be useful to use MCA micro needling to smooth the texture of the skin and bring out as much natural pigment as possible.

After the micro needling has healed, pigments can be used to match your lip colour to create a new, symmetrical cupids bow. If you want added symmetry and definition around the whole of the top lip (and lower), this can be done in your natural lip colour or a lipstick colour of your choice. Generally, this takes 2-3 sessions.

The treatment is NOT painful but can be tender. A topical anaesethic is used before and during the treatment to control the sensation.

After a treatment the area will look red, sometimes raised and darker than the desired result. It can take 3-7 days to heal, slight sloughing may occur and then the colour will look approximately 50% lighter. The true colour then comes through over 2 – 6 months later.

The risks involved are minimal, as with all injection sites there is a risk of infection. To minimise this risk the aftercare needs to be adhered to.

I am absolutely delighted with my treatment which in no small measure down to your care at Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey

The benefits of semi-permanent make-up

  • Enhance your features
  • Natural but stunning final results
  • Have an on-trend, fashionable look
  • Look as gorgeous when you wake up as you do when you go to bed!
  • No issues with running eye make up on holidays, when swimming or doing sports
  • No more hassle of taking make up off at night!
  • Access a highly experienced and medically trained professional Semi-permanent make-up specialist

Semi-permanent Make-up Prices

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Why the Harley Street Skin Clinic for semi-permanent make-up?

  1. Outstanding standards of excellence that are synonymous with the Harley Street name
  2. Specialist, experienced Surgeons at the top of their field
  3. Beautiful, spotless Clinic offering a comfortable and pleasant experience
  4. Run by a Clinic Manager with senior level experience in some of the most prestigious and highly acclaimed clinics in London
  5. Wide range of cosmetic solutions and treatments to skin conditions and concerns
  6. Free, no obligation Consultation
  7. Second to none personal care, with all your questions answered and any concerns addressed
  8. Track record of success in aesthetic cosmetic surgery and treatments
  9. Assurance of safety and risk minimisation in all aspects of our clinical work
  10. Access to the most ground-breaking, innovative techniques and technology in the cosmetic treatment market

Hello, I’m Davina Saunders, Clinic Manager

Cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine, for most people, is a big step. For some, it’s a journey from feeling unhappy with a physical feature; through to eventually undergoing a procedure to improve how you feel.

All the procedures at our Reigate-based, Harley Street Skin Clinic are doctor-led and carry the quality seal that is synonymous with the Harley Street name. My background in managing Clinics and Theatres including a prestigious Hair Transplant Clinic, combined with detailed knowledge of regulations and legislation in the Private Medical Sector, ensures our practice remains at the forefront of standards within the cosmetic treatment industry.

With a staff formed of committed, experienced, specialist clinicians and non-clinicians; you’ll have the most exceptional knowledge, leading-edge technology and professional service possible at your disposal.

The Harley Street Skin Clinic puts patients firmly at the heart of everything we do. We’re driven by delivering every patient the comfort, safety and cosmetic outcome that exceeds their expectations.

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