mini tummy tuck

It is interesting that over the last couple of years that tummy tucks have fallen out of fashion, there was a time when tummy tucks were always one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures. So, what has changed?

Enter the mini tummy tuck….

This has definitely changed our love affair with abdominoplasty procedures. Results are often dramatic and instantaneous with very little downtime and minimal scarring. If you want those washboard abs then it is definitely worth looking into this procedure which is increasing in popularity.

A mini tummy tuck will treat excess skin and/or fat in the space between the belly button and pubic bone. Unlike a full tummy tuck the belly button is not repositioned. The treatment area is the lower abdomen and is ideally suited to patients with skin laxity, excess fat or both in the lower abdominal region.

This is a patient testimonial two days after surgery:

“I am so very happy about the results. It looks so much more normal!

I don’t have a lot of pain – more discomfort really rather than pain and a little stiff but I am also trying to not overdo things because I feel so well.”

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Here are six quick reasons to consider a mini tummy tuck

  1. Carried out in the Reigate Clinic
  2. Carried out under local anaesthetic
  3. Takes approximately two hours
  4. Recovery is quick
  5. Results are long lasting
  6. Free consultation with the surgeon


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