Facial harmony is interesting in that most of us take for granted that we have relatively normal proportions and therefore do not give much credence to others whose facial features are imbalanced.

For many the proportion of a single feature such as the chin and the nose make them extremely self-conscious of a feature that is either too large or as in the case of chins receding into a neck that gives little definition around the jawline.

We all have an inner instinct to look ‘normal’ and for those of us with features that are either too big or too small to unconsciously feel a little different. Of course, genetics play a huge part in our features and we will often inherit a bodily trait that we may wish to modify.


facial harmony

A new era of quick and easy adjustments

Dermal fillers over the last few years have opened up a new era of easy adjustment that is quick, relatively long lasting and very affordable. What once required a surgical procedure to correct can in most cases achieve the same result in 30-60 minutes easily and quickly.

You can walk out with a newly harmonised facial trait immediately. The key to a successful treatment is not just looking at one feature but looking at creating a harmonised face. Making your whole face proportionate with relatively minor adjustments will create an appearance that you will feel happier with.

Creating facial harmony requires an experienced aesthetic eye and your Harley Street Skin Clinic specialist will give you a personalised and comprehensive opinion on how to balance your face in a way that will create regular facial features.

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After all it is a well known fact that making yourself feel more attractive improves your self esteem.


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