How to achieve a smoother flatter tummy with a mini tummy tuck

There is no doubt that after pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss that it crosses many a patients mind that a tummy tuck will give achieve a smoother, flatter tummy. It may that liposuction alone will not be enough and this is when the tummy tuck also known as (abdominoplasty) will dramatically improve contours.


So, here are the 7 major benefits of why this procedure should be considered abdominal contour when liposuction alone may not be enough.


mini tummy tuck1.Removes excess skin

2.Removes excess fat

3.Removes C Section scars

4.Tightens abdominal muscles

5.Tightens loose skin

6.Improves stretch marks

7.Has lasting weight loss at one year post-op




It is true that most patients are looking more than anything to change their shape, even more so than their weight. Within two weeks a mini tummy tuck almost immediately gives that shift in shape and silhouette. Next to upper eyelids this is the second most satisfying surgical procedure that we undertake.

Non-invasive procedures don’t come close to achieving the results and high satisfaction rates of a mini tummy tuck to give you a flatter lower body profile.


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