Chemical peels – a go to treatment

Chemical Peels have been a go to treatment for many a year and despite the advances in the Aesthetic Industry and aesthetic treatments they are still as popular today as they have ever been.

I’ve often thought that the Chemical Peel should be renamed as it sounds such a harsh treatment when in reality some are as mild as a facial whilst others can produce some of the most dramatic results.

Knowing what type of skin condition they can treat will surprise many. You can have the most the most sensitive of skin and there will be a chemical peel that can match almost any level of sensitivity.

Longevity of Chemical Peels

If you have years of sun damage mixed in with smoke damaged skin then you will need a much more heavy-duty variety.

Matching the peel to the skin condition is vital for good results and it is well worth noting that there are some chemical peels that can only be carried out by Doctors.

There are typically four skin conditions that blend themselves well to chemical peels and these are:

  1. Age – basically wrinkles, lines and skin creases. The best results will be from a mid to strong peel and will have a variety of chemicals. In severe aging either a TCA or Phenol Peel may be advised and these are carried out by Doctors, tend to be less frequent and produce dramatic results.
  2. Sun damage / hyperpigmentation / melasma / chloasma – depending on the presentation of the skin milder peels like glycolic, retinol, mid strength TCA over a series of 4-6 with little downtime fit into most patient’s life. It should be noted a great deal of sun damage with crusty lesions may require a different treatment option or a combination of treatments where individual crusty lesions are treated independently of the rest of the skin.
  3. Acne – whilst chemical peels may not tackle the deepest of acne scars, pigmentation and mild scarring will benefit from a series of chemical peels. For deeper scars combination treatments may be advised. There are a number of specialist acne peels
  4. Rosacea / Sensitive Skin – salicylic or retinol peels are suitable for even the most extreme of sensitive skin often combined with LED light treatment to get the best results.

We have many years of experience when it comes to chemical peels and we always make sure we take a medical history before undertaking treatments of any kind. Safety is our primary objective and we will make chemical peel recommendations on your dermatological and medical history as well as your skin type, skin tone and sensitivity.


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