Genetic testing and DNA is definitely impacting the medical profession and is generally available to the public. It is interesting that public awareness is rising and testing is becoming more cost conscious.


However once results are received most are left figuring out what to do with the information. That’s where we come in, instead of trying to make sense of the data we can interpret the information and put this into a usable format so that it becomes a useful tool.


Having undertaken two genetics tests this year myself I can testify to the immense potential in genome sequencing and how you can now incorporate this into your daily life. This can help you make adjustments to your lifestyle which in turn will impact the modular inherited genetic sequencing data.


We have introduced the first of its kind a ‘Genetic Counsellor’ to our Surrey team.

Welcome Georgina Ford


For more information on DNA testing and Fitness have a read of:  ‘COULD THE SECRET TO YOUR BEST BODY LIE IN YOUR GENES?’

To meet Georgina Ford and find out more about the GENE-IUS get in touch with our Surrey Clinic in Reigate on 01737 247246

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