sebaceous cyst

Sebaceous skin cysts are raised, hard fluid filled sacs underneath the skin. They can vary in size from fairly small to quite large and are caused by cells growing downwards into the skin. They can be quite unsightly, sometimes uncomfortable but not normally sinister in nature.


Most patients just find them bothersome and especially as they can grow in size up to about 4-5 centimetres. They most commonly appear on the scalp, face, neck, back and chest. Occasionally a cyst may become infected causing inflammation and pain but, in most cases, they do not need treating unless for cosmetic reasons.


Picking, rubbing, or squeezing cysts is likely to cause damage and make any infection worse. It is also likely to increase the pain and worsen its appearance. Occasionally cysts have a small pin point structure that is called a punctum and this can look either like a whitehead or a blackhead pin prick point.


Occasionally attempts will be made to drain the cyst but this is often not successful as a part or of the sac can be left in place and this just simply refills with fluid again. The best way of treating cysts is to have the cyst surgically removed to ensure the sac is completely taken away preventing further formation. Surgical removal needs to be booked with a cosmetic surgeon to produce the desired result.


Cost of removal of sebaceous cyst is £550 – £750


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